A guide to Speed-Reading & Understanding People

A realistic & practical system for profiling people

(One day workshop)
The art of profiling. One of the most valuable skills in business is the ability to “READ” people!
The three most valuable pieces of information people would like to know about others professionally and personally are:
* Communicate
* Perform tasks
* Make decisions
This course will change the way you interact both professionally & personally by learning to profile people within minutes of meeting them.
PRICE: $440.00 (per person)


In-house (on-site) Training
PRICE: $2750.00 (Max 10 People)

LEADING & MANAGING WITH: “The People Puzzle Revealed…”
(Two day workshop)
Understanding and manging the behaviours in others and ourselves improves your leadership style and provides that edge in leadership effectiveness.
* Do you know what motivates your staff?
This course captures the missing pieces of the people puzzle, by quickly identifying strengths and weaknesses to optimize performance. It will change the way you lead and interact with your staff.
PRICE: $770.00 (per person)


In-house (on-site) Training 
PRICE: $5500.00 (Max 10 People)

TRAIN THE TRAINER WITH: “The People Puzzle Revealed…”
(Two day workshop)
The secret to being a high performance trainer or presenter is knowing who your audience is!
By identifying an individual’s or a group’s profile, you modify the instruction and/or delivery style to immediately motivate interest,comprehension and retention.
Recognizing how you are perceived so you can quickly adapt to difficult environments.

PRICE: $770.00 (per person)


In-house (on-site) Training 
PRICE: $5500.00 (Max 10 People)

“Alibi Training is a registered training organisation delivering both accredited & non-accredited training to business”

* Low Voltage Rescue / CPR
* Perform First Aid (HLTAID003) (formally Senior First Aid)
* Perform CPR (HLTAID001)
* First Aid Management of Anaphylaxis (22099VIC)
* Emergency Management of Asthma in the workplace (22024VIC)

Public & In-house (on-site) Training available


Why learn the art of profiling?

If you could read the minds of your employees, team members, colleagues, prospects, job applicants, clients, sales people, or any person you may come into contact with, would you be more successful?

From a HR prospective how often have you, hired an individual only to discover later that he or she is unsuited for the role or does not fit in with the company culture? As a sales person, how often have you missed the sale, when the customer appeared interested and engaged? As a supervisor, do you have employees, who you know have the ability to perform yet continually let you down?

Successfully influencing another requires knowledge of that persons communication, motivation and decision making processes.

“The People Puzzle – Revealed” – After spending countless hours attending management training workshops throughout my working career, I always left with useful information, but was it truly useful information?

I always felt there was a something missing. What was missing were the skills to truly understand other people and/or employees, and why they behave certain ways, plus how I can better communicate or manage that person. Five years of research and numerous draft training products, I have developed one and two day workshops titled “The People Puzzle – Revealed. Imagine ithin just minutes of meeting someone being able to accurately predict how they are likely to:

  • Communicate
  • Perform tasks
  • Make decisions

Understanding ‘The People Puzzle’ enables you to learn behavioural strengths and weaknesses.

Simple to learn and implement methods for managing good and bad behaviourThe “People Puzzle – Revealed” is a realistic and practical tool to deal with challenging staff that others shy away from. This course will change the way you interact both professionally and personally. You will learn the causes of difficult behaviour and methods for managing the situation, improving motivation and productivity.

Our ‘keep it simple’ and realistic training principle ensures that we don’t bore you with lots of theory, we don’t do those ‘in-class-games’ and role plays (that we all hate to do); just powerful bites of fresh ideas, followed by lots of interacting discussion or practical application. We also allow plenty of time for personal coaching to help the individual with their own particular areas of development throughout.

Return on investment – The cost of professional development of staff and leaders within a business is considerable. You need to keep them paid, motivated and complying with your management system. The “People Puzzle – Revealed” will help individuals discover their own driving desires (values), then by applying the same skills, reveal the desires of others, and learn that reacting in a manner that is positive to the other person, a more positive outcome occurs.


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